Are you an entrepreneur and are you trying to write compelling copy because you know it is so important for your business? But is it just HARD? Are you staring at your website, day after day, and you think: mwah, this is just not great?  

Writing can be one of the most frustrating things…

Hi, my name is Hannah Jansen Morrison and I coach entrepreneurs to write down their story in a way that makes you proud of your work. To find the language that makes you think: jeej, that’s me and I am thrilled to share this with the world. Copy that will energize your customers so that they will LOVE your work, feel a connection with your brand and will be so much more likely to buy.

I know it can be such a frustrating thing when you spend so much time carving your text and you are just not happy with the result. You are not the only one. Many, many entrepreneurs find it hard to write down their story. They get stuck in that annoying loop in their head. You talk to lots of people about what you do or wanna be doing, but it remains hard to get your story straight. To tell what you are about in a way that is compelling and fun.

Like Angela Messioui. She was setting up a consulting business in the health industry, but she was just not happy with the story she was telling. It was not crystal-clear and to-the-point yet. Then she came on a retreat with me. Here is what she says: “Hannah has turned my world upside down. She got me in touch with my creativity and entrepreneurship, and helped me putting down the foundations of my business. We had everything on paper within 1.5 days. It was intense, yet Hannah is on your side all the time and makes you achieve the result you are after. She is highly professional, super good at communications and so much fun to work with.”

I believe that you are most convincing when you tell an authentic story. A story that really reflects you in a way that is you.

Do you.

So, let’s do that.

You also want to leap frog jump and give your copy and your business a great boost?

Well, I got a solution for you!

The copy retreat for entrepreneurs.

Yes, a retreat that totally focuses on you and your business. Plus guess what: you got your story down in just 1.5 day! For real? For real!

This is what the retreat does for you:

  • Real results. You got your story on paper, written down in a way that is compelling to your customers.
  • Coaching on the job. Take advantage of my 15 year long experience as a writer, journalist and communications consultant. You learn as we go.
  • Focus on your business in the lush green country side

The retreat is ESPECIALLY useful for you if you want to revamp your content, start a new business or launch a new product.

Here’s how we roll:

  • You come to my lovely farm in the east of the Netherlands where you will stay in a beautiful fully-furnished brand new studio. It is green, lush and relaxing out here and we will spoil you with some yammy fresh meals.
  • In the evening we hold a strategic session: we look at your business and decide upon the tone of voice that is just right for you.
  • The next day is fully focused on CREATION. We create the content that is most important for your business. Generally that is your homepage, your about page and product pages. While we go, I coach you on how you can apply this knowledge to blogs, posts and newsletters.
  • By the end of the day, you will have all your main content revamped AND you know how to apply your new writing skills to your marketing AND you had a great time in the Dutch country side.

The retreat is exclusive & one on one.

Let me give you the specs:

  • 1.5 hrs east from Amsterdam
  • Stay in a brand new studio, including bathroom, kitchen, wifi, cleaning and towels/linen
  • 12 hours of one on one coaching and creation
  • Three great, fresh meals
  • Unlimited coffee & tea
  • Pick-up service from the local train station

Sounds great? Are you excited and wanna know more?  

I offer you a FREE 30 min consultancy to discuss your business. No strings attached. Lots of fun and great advice guaranteed.    

BTW: If you would love to come round but the Netherlands is just too far away for you, I also offer online coaching! Contact me for details.

I would love to hear from you!